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Purple jasper Stone Necklace

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About Product

The color of purple is a kind of special color in jewelry industry. Most people are familiar with the high power of handmade jewelry. They know no machine is able to consider delicacy in production of designs and details inspired from humans’ mind. A purple jasper stone necklace with details in 18 K gold is a unique necklace. This handmade necklace is an enthralling option in jewelry industry because of the harmony of colors and designs. You cannot find a similar design to this handmade jewelry. Its design is from remained paintings from Eastern aristocrats who lived 200 years ago.

Moreover, this handmade necklace has three various designs of 18 K gold beads. Two gold bowls surrounds the middle stone in this handmade jewelry to double its beauty. Furthermore, you can see two other gold beads in a shape of star which are 18 K gold beads. There are also two oval gold beads known as hammer-like almond. This gold bead has the beats of hammer so it is known with this name. The design available on this 18 K gold bead can make it shinier under light, so everyone will be delighted. This sequence is the same in the other part of this handmade necklace to show a symmetrical style.

This handmade necklace can be a special gift for every picky woman. You can make your lover surprised by this special gift. Importantly, if you want to show your taste to people who are picky, you can buy this necklace. The originality of colors next to its unique design makes this handmade necklace a special gift. Therefore, it will be a nice choice for a woman who is important in your life. Additionally, when you buy this unique necklace, people will talk about you and your taste for a long time.

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Additional information

Additional information

Product Material

18K Gold with Stones, Jasper




42 cm


Women's Necklace

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