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Green Agate Necklace

5,099 kr

5,099 kr

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About Product:

A green agate necklace with details in 18 K gold has a special design for picky women. Scattered gold pieces with various designs and sizes gives it a really attractive view. Every person who looks at this green agate necklace can understand the high value of this product. In addition, you are able to see delicate and difficult work of making this handmade accessory. High level of skills is necessary to make such a unique and eye-catching necklace. In addition, precision in delicacy and details of this product makes it a precious accessory for women. As this green agate necklace with details in 18 K gold is handmade, you can be sure of being unique. You will not find a person in a ceremony who wears a necklace similar to yours.

Green agate stone is one of the popular items in jewelry industry for long years. The green color of this unique and eye-catching necklace gives you a fresh and energetic feeling. Moreover, cutting this green agate stone is as same as that in diamond. Therefore, this stone is really glorious under the light because of its way of cutting. This stone has a color which is similar to the color of leaves in the spring. All in all, this green agate stone necklace can transfer a great sense of freshness, beauty and happiness. You can buy it because of its special design for picky women and make them surprised.

Our Shipping and Delivery Policy:

You may like to add more gold pieces to your accessory, so you can let us know. It is possible to send us an email or write your request in the comment’s section of this product. We will be in touch with you in the shortest possible time. Moreover, after buying a product at this store, we will send you a gift box with a leather covering. There is velvet cloth inside this gift box which makes it eye-catching. Also, you can put your jewelry in a silk velvet sack which is sent to you free. Interestingly, you are able to receive your piece of jewelry free if you live everywhere in Sweden.

Additional information

Additional information



Product Material

18K Gold with Stones


42 cm, 50 cm


Women's Necklace

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