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Carved seashells bracelet

From: 3,399 kr

From: 3,399 kr

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About Product:

One of the luxurious and special handmade gifts is a carved seashells bracelet with details in 18K gold.  You can consider this glorious piece of jewelry as a memorable gift to your fiancé and make her surprised. This bracelet has carved seashells as the main material. There are also some details of 18K gold between the seashells to make a harmonious look. It is possible to wear this special handmade gift with a suit in black, purple or red color. In addition, a blouse in pastel colors with a short skirt can double the beauty of this mesmerizing bracelet.

The structure of this carved seashells bracelet is in a way that it can sit on your wrist well. Therefore, there is no worry if it matches your wrist or not. The seashells are bright and they will shine under the light. You will surely attract the attention of people at every party or ceremony by wearing this special handmade gift. Seashells have been a symbol of cleanliness for long years. In addition, they relieve stress, fear, anger and negative feelings which can purify physical and mental aspects of the body.

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You can buy this fashion jewelry online from KadinaShop. There is a huge variety of options for people who are picky. Therefore, you can visit the website of KadinaShop and buy a fashion jewelry online. After paying the price of this fashion jewelry online, your package is ready to send. The delivery process depends on your location but it usually takes from 3 to 5 days. Furthermore, there is a free or cheap shipping service if you reside Scandinavia or other parts of the world.

Additional information

Additional information

Product Material

18K Gold with Stones, Shell, Stone




Women's Bracelet

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