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If you are dressing for something work related or an event that is very conservative, it is best to go for subtle. Next, you will need to consider your outfit. Does it leave room for a necklace to be seen? Is a bracelet necessary or are you wearing long sleeves? Finally, consider the style of your hair and the state of your nails. Will studs be noticed, or should you stick with small hoops that can be seen amidst your long locks? Do you have a manicure you would like to show off with an eye-catching ring? Of course, there is also the color of your attire.

If you are wearing a solid color, you are good to go and can even choose subtle pieces that boast a bit of color. If, however, you have chosen a pattern, it would be wise to select simple jewelry with colorless stones. White gold, yellow gold, diamonds, and pearls are all fabulous options. Party ensembles and outfits for a night on the town call for some pizazz. This is your opportunity to take out that colorful, chunky statement necklace or those glittering chandelier earrings.

Who said that perfect jewelry does not exist? If you have a great taste in necklaces, you can rock every occasion with the right type of necklace. Choosing the best type of necklace is not some rocket science; all you have to do is keep in mind which outfit you are wearing and for what occasion. With a perfect necklace, anyone can enhance or complete an outfit. They really are a great accessory, but you have to be careful while combining it with your clothes, because the right necklace looks depends on the type of dress you wear.

We all keep the occasion in mind before selecting a piece of jewelry. So, here is the guide on how to choose the best necklace for different occasions to complement your beauty

Casual Jewelry

For Casual Gatherings (Casual Jewelry)

It is understandable that not every piece of jewelry can be worn for every occasion. But does every occasion warrant a piece of jewelry? The short answer is no, and the long answer is it can, and it should. What this means basically is that the most casual outfit does not require jewels; nothing will look like it’s missing. However, it is so easy to upgrade the look with a piece of jewelry that it is worth the effort. A pair of diamond studs can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt. Yes, they can, and they will make you look like a million dollars. You can also wear a simple sundress and add a bunch of gold bangles for a chic and fashionable look. Like they say, if you have it, flaunt it. If you have the jewelry at home just sitting there, take it out and wear it! It will make all the difference

Long necklaces with a bold pendant add the right amount of edge to a simple shirt, t-shirt, or dress and give it an elegant and casual look for the day. If your dress is already colored and has details with a specific shade, choose a necklace with the same shade to ensure a balanced appearance.

The design of the necklace you wear determines the look you want to present to others. Simple shapes and textures, like the large color beads, are ideal for staying simple and providing a limited touch of sophistication. In any social gathering, one should try to showcase their own style and taste.

Formal Occasions

Formal Occasions

If you are heading to a dinner party, gala or official event, it’s time to favour classic, timeless and effortless jewelry. Pearls are a great idea and go with any color or style of outfit. To really turn heads, select matching pearl earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Another good idea for a formal occasion is antique jewelry – it’s got history, it’s got class and will certainly be a great talking piece when you’re mingling.  Such as? Weddings, fundraisers and galas, the coronation of Queen Cleocatra (all hail our supreme ruler).

A few timeless pieces—the classics—are essential for those occasions where you need to look your best. Channel Hollywood glamour icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, who knew how to add the perfect finishing touches to formal looks and wear them with confidence

Leather bracelet for Office


Different places of work have different rules: but usually when you’re working it’s best to have simple and understated jewellery. Avoid anything big and clunky and anything that can get in the way of your job. But that doesn’t mean style has to go out the window! Why not favour something smart and sophisticated like gold or silver? Or add a bit of colour to your outfit with something stylish and classy like art nouveau & art deco jewellery. Don’t forget that a watch is not only practical, but can also be a feature piece.

With formal wear, it is always a difficult task to select a neckpiece. Formal occasions include conferences, funerals, office meetings, etc. where you can’t overdo anything with your look. Wear a minimalist piece of the necklace when going for any formal occasion.

There is nothing better than the 18K Gold or silver chic chain. They can easily go with a regular shirt and formal pants or skirts. Choose from the stunning collection of the necklace from Kadina Shop. If you want to be unique, then break the rule of wearing only a plain necklace in the office, by simply putting a choker or rope chain with your favorite work outfit.

jewelry For The Party

For The Party

It’s the weekend; it’s time to unwind and you’re at a top party or evening event. This is definitely the time to wear your statement jewelry. Try wearing flashy Stone earrings, a bold cocktail ring or a show-stopping necklace. If it’s bright and beautiful, it’s perfect for party time! A party is a great setting to show off your most fashionable jewelry.

If you have decided to wear a strapless dress for the party, then try chokers and short necklaces. With plunging or V necklines, wear lengthy chains or single strand chains. You can also layer two or three chains together on top of each other to increase the visual look of your upper body. Organize the chains by their lengths. Start with the shortest chain first and then wear the long ones. Two to three chains are the least you can go with, but four or five chains look more fantastic. Always choose to wear the latest and conventional designs in necklaces.

Pearl necklace with gold beads

For a Date

For a memorable date, wear something classic yet sexy. Find the perfect pendant to match with your taste in jewelry and wear it with your best possible outfit. For a movie date, wear something bold and dazzling because when the lights will off, there would be a focus on you.

You can also choose a Pearl necklace to add more characters to your authentic style. Also, do not add large rings or a handful of bracelets. Let your beautiful necklace steal the show.

For Wedding

Weddings and receptions are occasions where you can wear intricate and heavy necklaces. But always think about the balance between everything, including the size and length of your necklace. If your dress has a round neckline, choose a piece of medium-sized jewelry that matches with the overall look.

If you are a guest at the wedding, do not exaggerate your jewelry. You can wear a locket or light pendant but wearing an appealing necklace may not work as the entire focus would go to the necklace rather than the outfit.

If you are the bride, keep in mind that your necklace should primarily match with your gown. Wear a pearl necklace if you want to keep your look simple. Pearl necklaces are best if you want to accentuate your gown.

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