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Pearl is one of the most enthralling things in every jewelry. All women are interested in it and want to have natural pearls in their accessories.

As handmade pearl is a special item in every jewelry, people like to take advantage of it in their styles. Some particular factors such as size, color and luster are important in estimating the price of this jewel. Specifically, luster can be the most influential factor because it shows the quality of pearl. When a jeweler uses a round and large pearl in an accessory, the price will be higher and it has a greater look.

In order to have a luxurious look, women highly tend to wear some special jewelries to be different from others. Numerous companies and professional jewelers try to make a variety of accessories. Natural pearls are one of the most charismatic options in the jewelry industry because of their practical usage. Particularly, various pearl necklaces, bracelets or pairs of earrings are samples of this fabulous and natural item.

Which Pearl Has the Highest Quality?

The greatest type of pearl should be round and smooth. Although there are some other types such as baroque pearl with various shapes, they are all fabulous. A fine natural pearl generally has some usages. You can use it for gemstones or some items of beauty. Moreover, a natural pearl is unique, valuable and mesmerizing. There are normally freshwater and saltwater pearls which are available from different parts of the world.  All in all, the following factors can help you buy the highest-quality natural pearl.

Large pearls are more valuable than the smaller ones.

Round pearls have a higher quality than the other ones. But it is not the only factor because there are some pear, oval and baroque shaped pearls which are fabulous.

Natural pearls have a wide range of colors from light to dark. So, there is no need to be worried about their colors. Additionally, every pearl has three components in its color; bodycolor, overtone, and orient.

Luster is the most essential factor for choosing natural pearl. It refers to the color reflection in a pearl. When it has a higher luster, it is more valuable.

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What is Baroque Pearl?

Natural baroque pearls are in irregular shapes which are unique and eye-catching. These kinds of pearl are typically in necklaces. Natural baroque pearls are usually in a non-spherical shape. You can wear a gold chain with a baroque pearl to have an alluring jewelry around your neck. As natural baroque pearls do not have fixed sizes and shapes, they can exhibit uniqueness and beauty. If you want to be different from other people, wearing a necklace with a natural baroque pearl is enough. When you want to buy jewelries with baroque pearl, you have a big selection. There are more than twelve types of this pearl which can attract the attention of people. There are no two natural baroque pearls which are completely similar. It shows the high level of its variety and attractiveness.

Handmade Pearl Necklace:

As natural pearls have a fantastic quality, they are rare jewels. Their size, color, quality, shape and orient estimate the price. In addition, a lot of people around the world have a collection of unique natural pearls. A handmade pearl necklace is always updated because of its charming look. Wearing a handmade pearl necklace will give you everything and it is suitable for every occasion. Although people have used pearls in various necklaces from past, they are not out-of-date. You can have a handmade necklace as the only jewelry to set with your clothes at a party. Moreover, you can take advantage of a natural pearl as a pendent in a chain.

When you wear a handmade pearl necklace, you can have a great sense of revival. It gives you a nice feeling of calmness and being away from daily anxiety and stress. Considering a natural pearl in your accessories can give you a minimalist look. It also will double your beauty when it is in harmony with your clothes. There is no matter whether you want to have a thin or edgy pearl necklace because it will suit you.

How to Set a Pearl Necklace with Clothes:

If you want to be glorious at a special party, the best suggestion is a pearl necklace. There are some gorgeous styles which make you more good looking.

You can wear a pearl necklace with black color clothes to be more attractive. When you were simple clothes with neutral colors, you will be able to make an enthralling style.

It is possible to wear a handmade pearl necklace which is close fitting with a sweater and leggings. Therefore, you have an interesting look by following this style.

It will be appropriate to wear a one, two, three-strand pearl necklace at workplace. Remember to keep its length short to have a more practical daily look.

In order to have an excellent industrial vibe, you should mix a leather jacket with a white pearl necklace and a dramatic makeup.

If you like to have a timeless class, you can wear the following set. A choker or a long single pearl necklace with a short dress and red lipstick can be fantastic.

A handmade pearl necklace with a full-length gown is amazing when you have a meeting at a restaurant.

Ways to Detect Original Pearl:

You have to be careful about imitation pearls at the market when you go shopping. They have poor materials and their quality is completely different from the genuine ones. There are two main ways to detect original and natural pearl. Firstly, you should look at pearl under sunlight to see a colorful spectrum, similar to that in a rainbow. If you can see this spectrum, you have an original and natural pearl. Secondly, you can push your teeth on the surface of a pearl. If you feel something rough on its surface, your pearl is original. It is not difficult to test a pearl to be sure of its quality and originality. Moreover, buying an imitation pearl is not something fabulous because every hit can destroy its shape. Therefore, it is vital to make sure of the quality of this valuable item.

How to Protect Original Pearl:

As calcium carbonate is the main material in a pearl, vinegar can dissolve it. Therefore, you should keep it away from any acid even the weak one. If you have a handmade pearl necklace and you are worried about how to protect it, you should keep reading. Natural pearl is popular because it is an animated stone and you should take a good care of it. If it is not in an appropriate condition, its color may be changed. As a result, your pearl is, technically, dead. You should keep your natural pearl away from perfume, consisting alcohol. Also, your sweat is harmful for its shape and color. In conclusion, you have to make sure of a careful protection of this fabulous item in your jewelry.

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