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Different Types of Amethyst Stone

There are different types of amethyst stone in the nature. Color of amethyst stone has some shades of purple. It has a spectrum of light to dark purple, ranging from reddish purple, purple and violet purple. Color of amethyst stones specifies their usage in jewelry industry. As it is possible to carve this stone, it is a great item in jewelry industry. Amethyst stone is the birthstone of February and people can buy it in different forms. Various samples of this stone are faceted stones, beads, tumbled stones, cabochons and other objects in jewelry. As amethyst stone is durable, there are a lot of handmade jewelries such as ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings. Moreover, it is possible to see a combination of gold, silver and amethyst stone in jewelry. Therefore, a lot of people select it as a suitable gift for different occasions.

Amethyst bracelet with gold and aquamarine

There are six main types of amethyst stone for making different products. The most popular ones are purple, ametrine, pink, most, cape and prasiolite. The value of different types of amethyst stone is not based on their weight. Actually, the darker the color, the higher will be their value. Ametrine, as one of the types of amethyst stone, is not completely an amethyst stone, but it is in this category. In addition, pink amethyst stone is the least valuable one; while, mossy has small veins throughout its stone. Cape also has similar features of milky white quartz. Moreover, prasiolite has a combination of yellow-green with some hints of purple. All in all, the color of amethyst stones is spectacular for every viewer or customer who looks for something unique.

Features of Amethyst Stone:

Different types of amethyst stone make people who wear them calm, so they are a fabulous option for giving gifts.  This stone is from quartz family and it is famous for its healing power. Amethyst has a crystal shape which is of high interest to the healers or collectors. Amethyst is one of the stones which a lot of people choose to bring some fantastic ornaments to their home or workplace. Features of amethyst stones are important in controlling mind and body. As a result, the place is clean and calm which takes negative energy away. Amethyst stone is a soothing stone with its positive effects on physical and mental aspects of the body. Various types of amethyst stone have an undeniable power to absorb positive energy.

Moreover, features of amethyst stone are a lot. For example, it is fabulous in relieving headaches and assisting sleep. It helps in enrichment of immune system and treating bacterial infections. Some studies show the undeniable features of amethyst stones and their powerful role in curing skin problems such as acne.  In conclusion, if you look for something to get your negative energies, stress and anxiety, you can consider amethyst stones. As a result, if you feel down, you can take advantage of something like a handmade amethyst necklace. Apart from its attractive look, amethyst stone has some invisible effects on the mood of people. Therefore, having an amethyst stone in your jewelry can give you energetic feeling.  

Products Made of Amethyst Stone:

Amethyst stone is one of the best-selling stones. KadinaShop uses this stone in making a variety of women jewelries. There are a lot of designs which you can see at the website. A handmade amethyst necklace and handmade amethyst bracelets are two most popular products. Furthermore, you can see a combination of gold, silver and amethyst stone in jewelry because of their great harmony. As it is the birthstone for February, people select it as a suitable gift for different occasions, especially birthdays.

Necklace made of amethyst

Whatever you want to buy, it is better to buy the polished amethyst stone rather than a faceted one. The polished ones are more attractive and shinier.  Different types of amethyst stones and their colors make them one of the special gemstones for jewelry purposes. Additionally, this stone has been of high interest for long years because of its durability. Numerous people buy it as a suitable gift for different occasions to show their love and passion to their lovers. Women are keen on having a piece of jewelry with this stone because they know features of amethyst stone. Moreover, when an amethyst stone is in a pendent of a handmade necklace, all women will be a queen.

How to Set Amethyst Stone with Clothes:

Purple is one of the colors which is in harmony with different colors. You can set it with different clothes in various parties, especially the formal ones. Women who wear handmade amethyst necklace or handmade amethyst bracelets can attract the attention of people. People, especially women, consider the harmony of colors in their clothing style as an important factor. So, they can set their clothes with the color of amethyst stones in different ways. Some options which can help all women to set this stone with their clothes are in the following part:

  • You can wear a blouse in navy with a handmade amethyst necklace to have a glorious look.
  • You are able to set warm colors with gold and cool colors with silver. But it is possible to set a combination of gold, silver and amethyst stone in jewelry or clothes. Therefore, you can wear white or cream clothes with handmade amethyst bracelets.
  • It is possible to wear a suit in dark colors with a handmade amethyst necklace to see its beauty.
  • Depending on various types of amethyst stones, you can select a special outfit based on its color. Selecting a gray t-shirt and running shoes with handmade amethyst products will be one of the other fabulous options.

If you want to have a queenly-divine style to attract attention, you can have an amethyst stone in your jewelry. Different types of amethyst stones make you able to have a wide variety of choices. A handmade amethyst necklace or handmade amethyst bracelets can be a complement to your style. Furthermore, if you know about this stone, you can have a combination of gold, silver and amethyst stone in jewelry.

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