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About Kadina Shop.com



Is buying a gift for your friends and family members confusing and time-taking? Are you worried if they like your gift or not? Are you picky to buy gifts? If your answer to one of the mentioned questions is YES, we will solve your problem in KadinaShop.

It is usually difficult to buy a gift for your family members and friends which they like, especially for those who have a variety of items. The only thing which can attract the attention of everyone is jewelry. You can buy jewelries for different people; such as your girlfriend, mother, wife, daughter, sister and other lovely people in your life. There are also some handmade jewelry which can be suitable for men and can be considered as a luxurious gift for your boyfriend, father, husband, son, brother and your friends. When you decide what to buy, the next step is the place where you have to buy your special gift.

KadinaShop is a well-known jewelry store with long years of experience in designing special jewelries, making luxury products and respecting the customers. KadinaShop started its career from 1980 in Asia and we are planning to have our branches in Europe at the moment.

Kadina is an ancient word which is selected from ancient historical texts. Kadina literally means going forward to the future. According to this definition, we have considered Kadina as our brand and pattern to work based on it to be our slogan. Kadina believes in this idea that art is the only common language among all people around the world with different nationalities and beliefs. Therefore, this art is applied to design and create a gift to give a fabulous emotion to people around you with a memorable and luxurious item.

Importance of KadinaShop:

It will be amazing if you use something originated from other cultures in your appearance and know more details about its design. For example, you wear a bracelet with a special design which illustrates a special language or culture. There are some products in KadinaShop which introduce Ancient Eras in Egypt, Iran and other regions. Furthermore, some products made by beautiful natural stones taken from various regions on the Earth. When people have some information about the background of what they wear, it can be more memorable and fabulous to them.

Kadina has tried to do its best to design and make products by an inspiration of nature and human’s civilization which can be considered as a simple gift or can be worn in different ceremonies to attract the attention of all attendees in that special ceremony.

Kadina’s mission is focused on the following criteria:

  • Respect customers as a life-long slogan of Kadina
  • Satisfy people with various tastes and preferences
  • Provide high-quality products with special designs

Customers are the most influential factor in survival of Kadina because a brand with about 40 years of effort and experience cannot be survived without its customers’ support and high-quality products.


Features of Products:

There various types of jewelry in KadinaShop; such as a variety of necklace, bracelet, earrings and other accessories. You can have an opportunity to order your luxurious accessory based on your taste with different materials, designs and colors because our main priority is our customers, so we try to make a special gift for them. We usually provide some discounts for our customers, old or new ones, who want to order a special gift as a handmade jewelry with high quality materials from KadinaShop.

By visiting different parts of our website, you will realize that most designs of products are new in Sweden, where KadinaShop is located, which can attract the attention of Europeans. All jewelries in this website are divided into different categories which can be bought for women, men and kids. As all products available on our website are made of high quality materials, you should not be worried of their originality. 18 K gold, natural stones, leather, silver and steel are selected to make handmade jewelry as a special gift. One of our main goals in KadinaShop is to facilitate shopping gifts by supporting different tastes and budgets. Generally, all products in KadinaShop have the following features:

  • All items available in our website are sent in a safe and beautiful package.
  • We can design and make whatever you have in your mind, so the only thing you need to do is to contact us.
  • If the products are not broken, you can take advantage of our guarantee service for a year based on some special conditions.
  • Our luxury products are designed and made according to the customer’s opinions which need 30-45 days to be made and sent to your address.
  • All products are sent to your address without extra fee, depending your location, which can make your shopping more enjoyable.


Make your Decision:

If you have made your decision to buy jewelry as a gift for someone or consider it as a piece of your fashionable style, you can contact KadinaShop to order your handmade jewelry made of the most high quality products with the most reasonable price based on your interest and budget. You can be sure of the quality and originality of the products because of its long experience and satisfied customers to have special and great designs made with this old brand.  

In conclusion, if you are looking for a special gift for your lovely friends and family members or you want to buy a great handmade accessory for yourself, our only suggestion is to visit KadinaShop where you can have a big selection of handmade jewelry made of high quality materials such as 18 K gold, natural stones, steel, silver and leather which can be suitable for women, men and kids based on your taste and the amount of money which you want to pay. Furthermore, you can contact us and order your design according to the material and color which you want to have. We can make your design with high quality materials and sent it at your address which usually takes from 30 to 45 days with free shipping according to the destination. Please contact us and explain what you have in your mind.


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